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June 2012



Growing $50,000 to $500,000 – week 3

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This week affirmed the strength of our team. We are a strong team at MamaMikes. On Monday morning we met to go through our May goals, we are all scoring good. When your part of a team that is intelligent, hard working, determined, disciplined and focused and you all share a common vision, the sky is the limit. Everything and anything is possible. The power of human beings working together towards a common vision has been shown over and over to be the greatest power we have as humankind. Working as a team.

MamaMikes Team


This week, I continued to focus on finding good people to join our team. It has been tough. Many of the job applications we have received are marked ‘available as freelance’. It is very encouraging to see talented developers making the choice to venture onto businesses themselves or become freelancers. The idea of getting employed is so low on their priority list. This is good news for the economy of tomorrow, there is a generation of Kenyans who embrace economic self-determination. They are smart, hard working, focused and determined. And they dictate their future.

One of the people I met this week is a developer called Mike Muli. Muli’s grasp of UX design is humbling. He is a passionate designer, who breaths fire into design. And best of all he speaks out! He gave us an impromptu lesson in UX design! It was very refreshing.

On the same topic of UX design, Mark Kamau is leading the UX design lab at the iHUB. This is very progressive news for developers. The idea behind the UX design lab is to enable developers produce better and better products for our market. It is a science which will greatly improve the quality of home grown technology solutions. Well done to the iHUB leadership for making this happen!

Next week, the PIVOT East competitions are on at Ole Serani hotel. For technology enthusiasts, this is where you will find a cream of developers from East Africa. I met one of the finalists during the Tandaa grant training at Strathmore. Jacob Mutua, the entrepreneur behind M-tracker. M-tracker is an advanced car tracking application for mobile phones.

My plans for next week are to attend the PIVOT EAST competitions and review our business plan before applying for the first installment of the $50,000 Tandaa grant. In the meanwhile, if you know a good PHP developer who is looking for challenging work and being part of a great team, please ask them to apply for this position.

Until next Friday for my next update

Mama Mikes

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